Who is DC Adventures?

DC Adventures Anna

Anna (Dulo)

Her favourite saying is ”Nothing is impossible”. She loves to plan everything and she’s pretty good in it. On the journey she used a lot of notepads to plan every single day ahead. She’s addicted to searching for cheap flights and that is one of the reasons our route in Asia looks as it looks… 😉 One word to best describe her is ”adventure”. Back in a high school instead of going to school trip she bought weekend train pass and she did tour around Poland. She fell in love with hitchhiking so much that she took a challenge in International Hitchhiking Race from Sopot in Poland to… Dubrovnik in Croatia. After some time Europe became not big enough for her so she travels round the world right now!

DC Adventures Chev


Seems like nice well behaved boy, but that’s his undercover. In real life he gets annoyed easily and always says what he thinks… but still more patient than Dulo. 🙂 Could talk about cars forever, proper petrolhead. Car mechanic with artistic soul. 😀 At the beginning of the journey he took camera into hand and it’s stayed there all the time. He loves climbing, extreme sports and animals. Never says „no” or “can’t do it”. He is a “daredevil” of our team.