Asia and Australia: our TOP3

We have been traveling for one year now! We can tick the box next to Asia and Australia. At this occasion, we would like to write a little summary and show you our favorite places in each country we’ve visited so far. Let’s start from very beginning…


>>> ASIA <<<




The essence of India. A mix of chaos and spirituality of Indian people. In Varanasi, people are so different comparing to the rest the country – helpful, happy, honest and they don’t force you to buy whatever they sell. Interesting narrow streets, colorful shops, tasty food, sadhu and holy waters of Ganga river.

varanasi india
Colorful ghats by Ganga River – Varanasi, India



Old Hindu temples in the picturesque scenery with huge boulders around. Hampi is a very peaceful and quiet village (maybe apart from the bus stop, but luckily it is on the edge of the Hampi). There are no cars or bikes so it is one of the places in India where you don’t hear klaxons in a background. The place with one of the best sunsets views.

hampi india
Huge boulders and old temples – this is what Hampi is well known for.



Tea fields near Munnar – to be more precise. It is a hilly place well known for its tea fields. Endless labyrinths of paths on tea plantations with breathtaking viewpoints.

munnar india
Tea fields near Munnar, India




1.Koh Mook

Tiny island at the south of Thailand, great place for a hideaway from the civilised world. There is a ”secret” place – Emerald Cave accessible only from the sea and only under the low tide. At the end of the cave, there is a hidden lagoon. Definitely the best place in Thailand! 🙂

emerald cave
Emerald Cave on Koh Mook, Thailand


2.Krabi (Railay Beach and area nearby)

Very high, limestone cliffs sticking out of the turquoise water. One out of not many places where traditional longboats can be found. Jungle, white sand beaches and hidden lagoon – Krabi is the best place for holidays!

krabi thailand
Longboat and cliffs – this is how Krabi looks like!



A huge city that could be our home for a while. Bangkok is a great place to start an adventure in Asia. A lot of places to see, fantastic people and the best part of it – it’s a very cheap place!

wat bangkok
One of thousands wats in Bangkok, Thailand




Settlement in the middle of the jungle, far away from any civilization. Mulu is known from its huge caves. Deer Cave is the 2nd the biggest in the world! Perfect place for those who loves to explore the caves – for £30-40 you can buy caving experience: long guided walk through the tunnels of the caves with swimming in underground rivers included. Great adventure!

deer cave malaysia
Entrance of the second biggest cave in the world – Deer Cave, Malaysia
2.Perhentian Islands

The most paradise islands we have seen in South-East Asia. The best beaches, no roads, great coral reefs. Plenty of colorful fish, huge turtles and sharks you can swim with!

Cristal clear water by Perhentian Islands, Malaysia


3.Kuala Lumpur

Overwhelming (too much), highly developed city with well known Petronas Towers in the background. Hundreds of shopping malls and bazaars with cheap chinese copies of big brands. 🙂 RayBans for £2? Not a problem here. 🙂

twin towers
Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia



1.Gardens by the bay

Supertrees, huge park, skyway and the dome with exotic plants straight from the jungle and waterfalls. Must see in Singapore.

super trees singapore
Supertrees in Gardens by The Bay in Singapore



Bustling shopping streets, cheap restaurants, hotels and night markets. Good spot for tourists and local people as well.

chinese lantern
Lanterns decorating streets in Chinatown, Singapore


3.Collyer Quay

Night walk is a completely different experience! You can find there a famous Singapore’s fountain – the lion Merlion.

Collyer Quay
Collyer Quay at night, Singapore



1.Ijen Volcano

Views that you won’t see anywhere else! A turquoise, sulphur lake at the bottom of Ijen‘s crater. The place looks like the moon. The best time to climb there is in the middle of the night, before sunrise so blue fires can be seen. Climb back to the top and wait for the sunrise. Epic!

ijen crater
Inside Ijen’s crater – Jawa, Indonesia


2.Bromo area

Another volcano but completely different from the previous one. The volcano is surrounded by caldera with a diameter of 10km. There is a Hindu temple in the middle and tons of volcanic dust… Bromo is still active!

bromo temple
Hindu temple nearby Bromo volcano – Jawa, Indonesia



We heard that beaches in Lombok are the same like beaches in Bali used to be years ago before tourists flood. Lombok is a wild, peaceful place with a still undiscovered coast. We got away from tourist places on the motorbike to find real beauty of the island.

kuta lombok
Traditional boats on Kuta Beach Lombok, Indonesia



It’s not going to be TOP3 but TOP5 this time. Why? We loved that place so much and it was too hard to pick only 3 locations. It wasn’t any easier with 5 only as well. 😉



The cultural centre of Japan. The place where we spotted geisha for the first time, saw traditional houses, temples and Japanese gardens. Kyoto is the place where we felt in love with Japan! 🙂

tori kyoto
Tori in Fushimi Inari-taisha – Kyoto, Japan


2.Kawayu Onsen

Hot springs in the middle of the 70km trek of Kumano Kodo. We walked there and we had to stay for a week because of… typhoon that didn’t allow us to carry on with Kumano Kodo. We didn’t mind as we had a nice time at the natural hot springs. We were building stone basins where hot water was trapped so we could enjoy the bath with such a views. 🙂

kumano kodo
Kawayu River with geothermal water – Japan



A gigantic city with the population of 13 million people. The place where ”future” and past are parallel to each other. Neon ads, skyscrapers, underground shopping centres are next door to old temples, girls in kimono and cherry trees.

tokyo night
Tokyo at night, Japan



Settlement in mountains somewhere in the middle of Japanese Alps. Starting point for climbing heights over 3k. A place for mountain lovers and photographers!

mae hotaka
On the way to the top of Mt. Mae Hotaka-dake, Japan



The highest mountain in the Japan – 3776m above sea level. We will remember it for sure, we climbed it or better to say we run it. It was off season and we had to do the whole trek, up and down, in 6 hours to catch the last bus that would take us back to the town… 😀

mt fuji
View of Mt.Fuji from Kawaguchi lake – Kawaguchiko, Japan


Hong Kong

1.Victoria Peak

To climb it we had to (didn’t have to but just couldn’t resist 🙂 ) take the escalator system in the world (!) – 800 meters in total, and then 2km walk through a jungle-like park. Views from the top? Priceless…

victoria peak
View of Hong Kong from Victoria Peak


2.Avenue of Stars

Modeled on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. It’s located along the Victoria Harbour waterfront in Tsim Sha Tsui. You can find Bruce Lee’s star over there!

avenue of stars
Hong Kong at night, views from Avenue of Stars
3.Mong Kok

Thousands of neon lights, street markets, hundreds of shops and crowds everywhere – essence of Hong Kong!

mong kok
On a street market in Mong Kok




Stone temples from the time of Khmer Imperium. Some temples are full of tourists, some are quiet and forgotten. Place of Angor Wat and Ta Prohm – temples that can be seen in Tomb Rider movie.

angor wat
Gate to the temple in Angor complex – Siem Reap, Cambodia


2.Koh Rong Samloem

We did feel like castaways there – especially at the west coast. If you are looking for the place with paradise beaches, palms, clear water and the jungle around go to Koh Rong Samloem!

koh rong samloem
East coast of Koh Rong Samloem, Cambodia


3.Phnom Penh street markets

We didn’t go there for shopping. We knew it was nice place to see local people in their everyday life. Chaos, dirt, crowds – real life. Meat and fish chopped on the tarmac, old people selling clothes they just made, hairdressers on the street – unusual place to be.

phnom penh market
On the street market in Phnom Penh…



1.El Nido (Palawan)

Our no.1 in the world in terms of beaches! (so far). We have visited over 30 countries in our life and nothing can beat that place!

el nido island hopping
Island hopping in El Nido, Philippines


2.Moalboal (Cebu)

The place itself is nothing special – but a real beauty is hidden underwater! Coral reefs with a lot of colorful fish and other underwater life. Sharks, turtles and a famous sardine run which can be spotted while diving.

moalboal reef
Underwater life near Moalboal beach – Cebu, Philippines


3.Chocolate Hills (Bohol)

Hundreds of brown cone-shaped hills. Place well worth of visiting.

chocolate hills
Chocolate Hills – Bohol, Philippines


>>> Australia <<<

1.Uluru i Kata Tjuta

The most famous national park in Australia – now we know why. 🙂 Huge rock formations that make you feel tiny.

uluru australia
Uluru – one of the biggest monoliths in the world!


2.Coober Pedy

Town at the desert where people live underground… The place is so hot that houses, shops or churches are built underground or inside the hills. We have seen a lot of wrecks of cars from 70’s and 80’s. People seem to be not very friendly and most of them look like were going to kill you. ;P Place like from a horror movie.

coober pedy
Weird town on the outback – here is the place, where people live underground!


3.Great Ocean Road

A picturesque road along the coast located between Adelaide and Melbourne. Cliffs and Twelve Apostles, awesome waves for surfing, real rainforest in Great Otways National Park and hidden waterfalls. Place we feel like want to come back there!

twelve apostles sunset
Twelve Apostles – the main attraction of Great Ocean Road


Asia and Australia did impress us for sure. We did see many unique places, we met awesome people. Have you been in any countries from our list? Would you add anything?


Spread the word! ↓ 😉