Trekking to Los Tayos Cave in the Amazon Jungle

We were driving through the Amazon. Chev – the driver, and I – as always, with my nose in a map. While checking the route, I have spotted a small symbol of cave with words above: Cueva de los Tayos. “Cueva” is a “cave” in Spanish and cave in the jungle = adventure. Not a chance we miss it! We pulled the car on the side of the road, took our head torches and went into the jungle.


Amazon awaits

First, we were walking on a muddy path on a slope of the canyon, passing small waterfalls every so often. In some spots, the path was collapsed and we had to go over wobbly logs that were filling those gaps or slippery stones.


River on the way!

After approx. 1 km of the walk on a route leading down the slope, a quite wide and deep river appeared right in front of us! And the continuation of the path was… at the other side! We didn’t see the bottom, but riverbed was rocky, so we assumed that we can do it slowly, step by step. Chev went first (in sneakers), and then me (without shoes). Chev had an easier task because of rubber soles on his shoes, it was worse for me. I kept slipping on the rocks and strong currents weren’t helping me in wading across the river! The last step … and luckily we got to the other side.

piranhas in the river
Cheeeev, are there piranhas in the river?!


wading the river amazon
I don’t know… Probably… We’re in the Amazon though 😀


Mud again!

All happy that we’ve crossed the river, we looked at the next part of the route… Now we had to approach the slope covered with the mud…


First sight of Los Tayos Cave

Another 500 meters along the river and we finally saw Los Tayos Cave! 🙂 Big hole in a vertical rock covered with a dense vegetation. The river was flowing out of it. Amazing view!


Inside the cave

Of course, we couldn’t resist and went further down to check what’s inside! 😀 Water was getting deeper and deeper. Chev was as deep as his waist and kept walking. I gave up when the water was above my knees. Deeper water was calmer a bit, but it was even worse! – Because of all the fish came up and started to swim between our legs. They were nibbling our skin! It was kind of like SPA in Thailand, but here we didn’t see those fish and were in the middle of the jungle. In a dark cave imagination began to play, so we jumped out from the water quickly. I made a lot of noise that frightened birds living in the cave. Firstly, we thought we had seen bats, but they looked a little bit different and were making odd noises. Once our eyes got used to the darkness, we saw dozens of eagle-like birds flying above our heads! They were trying to kick us out from their “home”. Probably, they didn’t see people in this cave for a long time or even not at all…


Bye, bye the cave! Bye, bye the Amazon!

Again mud, wading in the water, crawling up the hill and finally we got to the car. All dirty, but so happy! Oh, we like those places so much and found by the chance, totally unknown for tourists and not described in any travel guides.