Finally peaceful and quiet place – South Goa, part 2

There are not only beaches in South Goa! Today we invite you to Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary. The place is away from the coastline, hidden between hills and lush forest. Waterfall like from movies and the jungle – nice change to white sand an turquoise water. We’ll also show you what we’ve found on the way back…


The first part of travel story from South Goa you can find here: Finally peaceful and quiet place – South Goa, part 1

Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary

Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary is 35 miles away from Agonda Beach. It was a challenge for our scooter with tiny engine to get there, especially when it had to climb up the curvy and steepy road with two passengers. ๐Ÿ™‚ We managed to find helmets (photo below). Bike helmet has no use in India as it isn’t required by highway code and nobody cares about their own live (or it seems like when you look at locals what they do on roads).

Route was real pleasure to ride. Only few other bikers, a lot of bends and surface in spot on condition, stunning views at mountains covered with the jungle. From time to time we were passing by some smiling and waving to us kids and our โ€žfavouriteโ€ monkeys taking a sun bath on a tarmac. Chev was responsible for a smooth ride and Anna for navigation. Offline map of India on the phone was very useful, so we reached our destination easily.

We prepared ourself for a long walk but we were let inside the park on the scooter. Access on the bike was possible by some point only and after we had to leave it in the trees and walk the rest part of it. It wasn’t too bad as we had nice path through jungle.

We reached the end of the path and there was waterfall! 220 ft high, divided in two by a rock shelf in the middle. At the bottom of the waterfall there was small and very clean pool. We were brave enough to walk into a jungle and were using lianas to climb up. ๐Ÿ˜€


Bubble Lake

After some time spent in Netravali we went back to our scooter. Our neighbours told us about Bubble Lake located not far from waterfall. Legend says that if you clap in your hands and lake answer back with bubbles, then you will have luck in your life. Seemed that we would be the luckiest people on the planet Earth as bubbles were coming from the bottom without us clapping. ๐Ÿ˜€ But seriously, we think it is thanks to gases underneath the bottom or just small water animals!

Bubble Lake goa
Bubble Lake


Butterfly Beach and crossing the jungle…

On the way back we had some crisis situation with fuel. Petrol station was to far and there was no point to go there as it wasn’t on our way at all. We found shortcut on the map. We took a turn on the road without surface, full of pot holes. After about 1.5 miles we got the point where road was spliting into two. Anna checked the map and noticed that we were at the same level with Butterfly Beach. We read about that place and there was no other access but from the sea… We were curious about left turn, thinking it was towards the beach. Chev checked the tank and assesed thatwe had enough fuel to get there and our hotel too. According to the map we were about 1 mile away in straight line. So we didn’t have to think too long, just got on the scooter and we took that left turn. Road was wide enough for a car for 300 yards and then it was getting more and more narrow. Had to be a walking path only as it was diffficult to ride, we kept catching branches with our heads. Good job we had helmets. There were some places we had to get off the scooter and push it. Surface was covered with sand and rocks. Time was dragging for us and the path had a lot of crossroads. It was like labyrinth, but we knew we were going in right direction as our point on the map was getting closer and closer to the beach (offline map with gps). We were scared a little bit to get deeper in the jungle, but we went that far that power of curiosity of a new place took over the fear and we were keep going. After some time we found a meadow with wild monkeys. That was the end of the path. To carry on, we had to walk narrow gap between rocks and trees. We could hear waves on the other side of the jungle wall. We dumped scooter, took helmets and gone.ย  After 5 minutes walk we had only an open plan of the Arabian Sea. We managed to get to secluded Butterfly Beach! ๐Ÿ˜€ It was tiny, fenced from the outside world with vertical huge stones on both sides, Arabian Sea and jungle. We was excited so much that we forgot to take cameras with us so the only pictures we took were from phone…

Butterfly Beach Goa

Butterfly Beach
Secluded Butterfly Beach

Way back was easier than we excepted. We were getting closer to Agonda. Despite of complicated system of paths we knew which turn to take. After a while we were back in our room. Chev had to say sorry to Anna for little lie. Confused Anna asked what was it for. And it was for not being honest about level of the fuel in the tank which was nearly dry… He wanted to see the Butterfly Beach that much so hidden the truth at the crossroads ( before turning to Butterfly Beach)… He knew if Anna had been told about it earlier, she would have made him to come back on the way to hotel. ๐Ÿ˜‰