Munnar – where the tea grows

Today’s post is more a photo story as we took a lot of pictures of Munnar surroundings and it was hard to decide which pictures to publish. We stayed there for couple of days somewhere between endless hills covered with carpets of tea fields.There is nothing special in Munnar itself but just only 10 minutes walk in any direction reveals stunning views and trekking paths through plantations. We could walk for hours and didn’t see or hear anybody (we thought it wasn’t possible in India).


Eucalyptus forest

The first day wee took local bus and went east from Munnar. On the way we stopped by the lake with gigantic Eucalyptus trees.


Top Station

After some time at the lake we went further to the west to Top Station which was 12 miles away from Munnar. It used to be a shipment point for the transportation of tea leaves via rope way carriage. That was our point where we started our trekking.


Interesting fact from India 🙂

Another curiosity from India. More than ofthen restaurants hold name ”hotel” instead of ”restaurant”.  We were very confused walking into ”hotels”, that were just restaurants only. Here is the hardcore version of the ”Hotel”. 😀

Indian hotel
Indian hotels 😀


Waterfall Attukal

We went to see Attukal waterfall which was about 6 miles away from Munnar towards Pallivasal. We took local bus again (we kind of like them 🙂 ) and asked for a drop off near the junction with a dirt road. We walked for 2 miles and then saw what we were looking for:

attukal waterfall
Waterfall Attukal from the distance


We decided to take short cuts, through fields of tea, farmers didn’t mind:

pola herbaciane w indiach


As we walked, we found a river flowing from waterfall and we saw this:

attukal waterfall
Where is Attukal Waterfall?!


Great, but where is Attukal waterfall? We asked locals and they told us that there wasn’t single path leading to it! Waterfall was surrounded on its three sides by very high walls of rock, but we never give up, so tried to get a little bit closer. After 40 minutes walking through bushes, walking the slopes, getting into dead-ends and trying to find even the smallest paths we managed to get to the point we could see watterfall again! We couldn’t get any closer, we reached the edge of the precipice.

waterfall munnar
Here it is! Waterfall!


Some more pics from Munnar:


At the end, something funny from India. Remember, India it’s not jus a country, it’s the state of mind. 😀

Ok, here is a pot hole on the road marked with a small tree in case someone drove into it:

Indian roads :D
Indian roads