Cycling through Japan – travel journal, part 4

4-th part of our memories from cycling through Japan. We were on bikes for three weeks and did over 800km from Kyoto to Tokyo. Today part of the journey between Kamikochi in the Japanese Alps and Fujikawaguchiko at the bottom of Mt.Fuji (marked in green on the map).

Cycling through Japan
Kamikochi – Fujikawaguchiko


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Day 15 (04/10/2015), Kamikochi->Matsumoto

We’re leaving the Japanese Alps. It was all the time down the hill but worse than going up the hill! While riding through the tunnel with 11% road grade wheel on Chev’s bike became wobbly because of a snapped spoke (too much weight!). We managed to mend it for a time being and carried on cycling. If the wheel wasn’t enough of bad luck, running out of power in our headlamps was for sure. We had 20 never-ending tunnels on today’s 31 miles long route. Almost blind but we reached our destination. We are in Matsumoto right now where we have to stay 2 days instead of one because the wheel that we hope to fix tomorrow. But it’s ok, our legs after climbing Mae Hotakadake are in pain so it will be nice to lay down in bed till afternoon! πŸ˜‰


Day 16 (05/10/2015), Matsumoto

Chev’s bike was fixed in 6 minutes in total!!! We went to the nearest bike shop. A place owned by 100 years old guy (probably with 80 years of experience πŸ˜‰ ) Chev showed him the wheel and asked for help to take the gears off and put a new spoke on. Everything else Chev was going to fix by himself. We didn’t have a chance to say anything else. An old mechanic from super quiet turned into a man with superpowers. Turned bike upside down, took the wheel off, then cassette, put new spoke on, tighten it, checked the wheel was straight, adjusted it, put it back on, then lubed gears, chain and brakes. Everything was so fast that we didn’t know what was going on. He also checked front wheel for wobbliness and fixed it too!! We were worried about the final bill but with no reason. Only 1000 yen (Β£6)!!!


Day 17 (06/10/2015), Matsumoto β†’ Hokuto

After a very quick visit in Matsumoto Castle, we headed up to the south, towards Mt. Fuji. After 40 miles ride, we stopped at a nice campsite. Although we were not in the Japanese Alps anymore we were still surrounded by beautiful mountains.


Day 18 (07/10/2015), Hokuto β†’ Fujikawaguchiko

We started at 7 o’clock in the morning as we were expecting a hard day. It was only 40 miles but up the hills through the mountains with the highest peak at 1680m. After reaching Kawaguchi Lake we set a tent with the view at the highest mountain (volcano) in Japan. Epic view in the morning after wake up! πŸ˜€


Day 19 (08/10/2015), Fujikawaguchiko

We were going to climb Fuji but we were woken up by a strong wind. There was no rain and sun was shining so we were curious where the wind was coming from. After quick weather forecast check, it turned out that there was typhoon going through Japan so the wind. We had to postpone our climb for the next day with the hope it would be better.


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