Cycling through Japan – travel journal, part 5

5th part of our memories from cycling through Japan (and the last one). We were on bikes for three weeks and did over 800km from Kyoto to Tokyo. Today part of the journey between Fujikawaguchiko (where we climbed Mt.Fuji off-season) and Tokyo – our final destination. The route is marked in green on the map.

Cycling through japan
Fujikawaguchiko – Tokyo


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Day 20 (09/10/2015), Fujikawaguchiko

Huraaay! We climbed Mt. Fuji (3776 metres above sea level) in 6.5h up and down !!! Didn’t matter it was off-season and all official trails have been closed since one month! We were naughty and sneaked through the barriers to get to the track. According to travel guides time needed to reach the summit is at least 6h up and 3h way back. We had time limit caused by bus – the very first bus dropped us at 5th station at 9.50am and last one from 5th station to the town was at 4.50pm so we were rushing to manage within that time… Otherwise, we would have to find a way back to Fujikawaguchiko or spend a night at 2300 metres in freezing cold temperatures. We were climbing up the mountain and with every step views were getting better and better. We could see whole coast, surrounding towns and cities (including Tokyo). We were walking above the clouds level and couldn’t believe where we were. πŸ˜€ On the way up we met David from Notts where we used to live! Since then it was 3 of us climbing.Β  It is funny how the world is small! Such a meeting on the way to the peak of Mt. Fuji. On the way back we missed the track and we took wrong turn and lost at least 20 minutes. Luckily managed to catch the very last bus that day and now we are warming up in traditional Japanese house (ryokan). Today we are on the way to Tokyo!


Day 21 (10/10/2015), Fujikawaguchiko β†’ Yamato

We were so knackered after climbing Mt. Fuji that we were in a bed until almost 11am… Then, even very tired we did nearly 60 miles on bicycles and reached Yamato after dark. Unfortunately, it started to rain. It was cold and damp so the last thing we wanted that day was setting the tent up. There wasn’t any campsite around and we couldn’t find any suitable place for wild camping anyway. We checked all hotels nearby and in Tokyo itself and… the cheapest one was for almost Β£100!! (long weekend and national holidays so everything cheap was sold out) There was no way we were going to pay for a bed that much fora few hours of sleep! Chev did find abandoned container/workers office on the construction site and was thinking about setting up the tent inside ( πŸ˜€ )but the picture of us sleeping between bags with cement and road signs wasn’t what Anna wanted that day, haha! Finally we found a love hotel for the last time of our Japanese adventure. πŸ˜€

We’re not sure you now about it, but slipers are so popular in Japan, even in hotels. You have slipers for your room, slipers for a toilet and sometimes even slipers for a living room! πŸ˜€


Day 22Β  (11/10/2015), the end of cycling tourΒ  – Tokyo

Mission completed! We’ve ridden on bikes from Kyoto to Tokyo! Over 500 miles done, 3 mountains climbed, a lot of great moments and many unforgettable landscapes seen. We got used to secluded places, dense forests, mountains and here in Tokyo we are a little bit confused and overwhelmed, trying to comprehend a concrete jungle again. There is a lot of diversity here, city lights, shops, people and cars. Our heads spinning around trying to catch all details. All people are so nicely dressed up and it feels like on a catwalk. We are wearing our trekking clothes so we look a little bit odd. πŸ˜€ We were afraid of Tokyo because we are not the biggest fans of big cities, but Tokyo is different – very friendly and somehow with so many people around, quiet and peaceful. We have a plan for the future, after our trip is finished we may come back here for a little while. πŸ™‚
For a time being we rented a tiny apartment, bought unlimited subway passes and we are sightseeing Tokyo for whole days. πŸ™‚