We started in India where we were for 2 months. Landed in Mumbai and then were heading south along the coast until we reached Kerala. When we were on the way to Nepal really bad earthquake hit this country (25.04.2015). We were thinking about going there anyway, not for climbing but to help people out there. Friends and family told us not to do it as it wasn’t safe and there was a big chance of epidemy. We had to change our plans and went to Thailand instead. We traveled Thailand and Malaysia on local transport and hitchhiked. From there we got to Singapore where we took off to Borneo. We found nice hideaway from outside world in Mulu, somewhere in the middle of the jungle. After we flew to Indonesia, visited Bali, Lombok and Java. Then Thailand again in August 2015. Next 2 months we walked, hitchhiked and cycled through Japan. After doing over 800km on the bikes in Japan we went to Hong Kong for a few days and then to Cambodia. Then we visited a true paradise on the earth – Philippines.


Australia i Oceania

We had amazing 9 months in Asia but we said goodbye to it and went to Australia. We bought an old Mercedes-Benz s124 ’87 to travel for 3 months through the outback. Did over 10.000km without any hassle! In New Zealand, we also had an old Merc as our companion, it was w201 ’89 this time. We spent over one month on the South Island and 2 months on the North Island. In those two countries we tried some voluntary activities and we’re housesitting for the first time. (Housesitting – taking care of houses and pets while owners are on holidays.)


South America

Then we took one day of our life, crossed a date change line and landed in Buenos Aires in Argentina. After few days we moved to Santiago de Chile where we were looking for a car. Then, almost one month later we have found Toyota 4Runner 4×4 and started our South American road trip! We’ve visited: wild Argentina, deserted North of Chile, diverse Bolivia, touristic Peru, tranquil Ecuador and the country of the best people on this planet: Colombia!


North America

After 7 months in South America, we sold the car and jumped on the plane to Mexico! Yucatan Peninsula became our home and we spent more than one month only in Cancun. We also did 2 house sits over there so could live for free.

Our adventure in the USA started in Colorado at the end of January 2017. We bought Land Cruiser and turned it into 4×4 camper again. While roadtrippin’ trough USA we’ve visited Utah, Arizona, Nevada, California, Oregon, Washington and then we got to Alaska through Canada (BC & Yukon). With a few troubles on the way, we reached the Arctic Ocean in June’16.
We stopped in Anchorage for a while to do some volunteering work and sell the car (after half a year on the roads of North America). Then we boarded a plane and flew to Vancouver where we spent 1,5 month doing house sits. It was the place where we decided to stay in Canada for much longer.

We settled down in Fort St.John for a few first months (North of British Columbia, beginning of Alaska Highway), then moved back to Vancouver. We also popped in Mexico for a Christmas Holidays and to celebrate New Year’s Eve.

We’ll probably stay in Canada for much longer than we planned! Mountains are calling!! ❤