Singapore, a short stay in Lion City

Name “Singapore” comes from two words from sanskrit : „singa” (lion) and „pura” (city). It is a country and a city in one and lies off the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula bordering only with Malaysia. Singapore is only 85miles from the equator and after Macau and Monaco it is the most populated coutry in the world, over 5 million people live on 718 sqkm what means that 7,5k people have to squeeze on one sqkm! It used to be a British colony. In 1826, Great Britain bought that lands from sultan and not that long time ago, in 1959, became an independent country with full autonomy. Britons had great influence on Singapore and English is still one of the official languages here. Standard of living is on very high level and according to wikipedia it is the 4th world financial city after London, New York and Tokyo.


About 3 days before coming to Singapore Anna had written a message to her friend from a school time and it turned out that Nina and Czarek were going to visit Singapore too and at  exactly the same time. What a coincidence, thousand miles away from the town they used to live! It would be very hard to write better scenario. 🙂 Obviously, we choose the same hotel to stay so girls could spend more time together and they did. They won’t remember from Singapore anything as they were talking all the time and couldn’t care less about what’s around. They didn’t see each other for over 3 years! Anna`s Czarek with Nina`s Czarek were walking in the front and girls were only following them. Now when Anna is looking at the pictures from there, she is very surprised that can’t remember all those places we have been. 😀


Our first attraction to see was over 247 acres of gardens near Marina Bay Sands hotel (Gardens By The Bay). Very characteristic Supertrees going 164ft up are vertical gardens linked together with hanging bridges. There is also a very futuristic dome with exotic plants and its own micro-climate. Something similar to Eden Project in Cornwall.


The final construction cost for the project (not including the price of the land) was over $1 billion. The annual operating cost is approximately $58 million (!).


The best way to go around Singapore is to do it underground (MRT) with routes over 100 miles long.


Later we went to see Chinatown, which can be found in every bigger city in the world really…

From there we went to the coastline (Collyer Quay) to see what a night life was like and to see Merlion – symbol of Singapore.


The next day Chev and Czarek woke up very early to capture some nice moments at the sunrise. They both like taking pictures and agree that the best pictures are at the sunrise or sunset. 🙂


After breakfast, we went to the park Fort Canning. Singapore is such a modern place, so they have an escalator in the park! 😀


From the park, we went to Clarke Quay to see it in the daylight. There were plenty of restaurants and pubs along the river bank.


Air con world at the other side of restaurants:

After a couple of days spent in Singapore, we had to say goodbye to our friends and everybody went its way. We’re heading to Borneo and Nina and Czarek were going to Malaysia…