Car Life. Check out our Toyota!

Backpacking in Asia was so easy: sleeping in hotels, eating in restaurants, using public transport. We really liked backpacking, but we were limited by access to the shops, restaurants, hotels or buses timetables. Sometimes, it was hard to find a place to stay overnight, hotels were cheap, but cleanliness in rooms was far from we used to live. That was a reason we wanted to be more independent and wanted to try to travel by car. Just a small place we could live in. ”Home on wheels” where we could store enough food for 2 weeks, sleep in our own ”bed”, cook food we feel like we want to eat and most important for us: to get away from touristy places to more quiet parts of our globe.


In Australia, we had Mercedes-Benz S124. Every night we had to shift some stuff from the back to the front so we had place to sleep, very comfy bed. πŸ˜€


In New Zealand, it was a little bit harder. It was impossible to find an old Merc estate so we bought a sedan. Most of the time we were sleeping in a tent unless we had a bad weather or we were in the cities. But you may ask how we managed to sleep in a sedan? We took back seats off and every night we were reclining front seats so we could place air mattress on top. Everything is possible. πŸ™‚


Here, in South America, we knew we would be living in the car a little bit longer – we needed something more functional. So:


How/where do we sleep while traveling through SA?


We bought Toyota 4×4 in Chile – it’s necessary to have 4×4 here if you want to sleep in the wild. Right behind front seats we have a sleeping platform and below that we have ”cabinets”. Our stuff is stored in plastic boxes. We have doors which turn into small tables and on the roof: solar panel connected to a huge 100Amp battery. Right next to the battery we have a secret fuel pump kill switch (well, not secret anymore as you know about it). The platform can be dismantled and back seats can be back on, so it will be easy to carry our guests around in Peru. πŸ™‚


What about hygiene you’ll ask?

We have a special tent where we take showers. It is our shelter from wind and cold. We never had problems with water. We got it from petrol stations, creeks or hot springs ( we like the last one as it makes our life easier so we don’t have to use a gas stove to heat the water). We have a solar shower as well, but most of the time we have no use out of it and waits for its turn in Ecuador and Colombia. We had more use out of it in Australia (sooo much sun over there!). For now we use a bucket! πŸ˜€


We have a kitchen as well!

Not a real one but something like it. We have the gas stove and full set of dishes. We don’t have a fridge, but we would need it only to store a cheese, to be honest. We managed without it so far as temperatures were very low.


So now you know why we call our car a home. Thanks to our little 4×4 camper we can travel very cheap. 95% of the time we sleep inside the car and we cook for ourself. 5% of the time is a good hotel or a restaurant just because we don’t want to turn into savages.


How do you like our “home on the wheels”? πŸ™‚