Koh Muk, Emerald Cave by kayak

We got from Koh Muk to Koh Lanta by hitchhiking. Yes, that’s not a joke, from one island to another by hitchhiking. Although stopping cars went smooth, we’re too late in the port Khuan Tung Ku and missed a public ferry to Koh Muk. Luckily, our driver managed to find a small local boat for us transporting food supply to residents of nearby islands. Thus, crammed between vegetables and chickens, with a baby on legs and backpacks under an arm we’re

Drop off wasn’t perfect. We couldn’t get too close to the island because of low tide. We had to walk 300 yards in the shallow water. We had that feel to be like castaways on a deserted island. All we could see from the distance was abandoned huts, no people at all.


We walked the island for 10 minutes to find someone. They showed us direction to Had Farang. Over 1-mile walk through the jungle ( we feel in the jungle like at home now 🙂 ). We had one more and last lift that day, on the motorbike with side car. The guy even wasn’t going in our direction. He turned around to give us a lift. How not to love Thailand?!

Our house was near the beach but hidden in the jungle. Geckos size of Chev’s arm were everywhere! We like them, they get rid of mosquito, ants and other insects. For neighbors, we had frogs size of open palm, giant slugs or ants and smaller lizards. Lizards were in most of the rooms we were occupying and it became normal for us.

Ok, but why did we do so much effort to get on this particular island? The answer is: Emerald Cave, which hides a secret, secluded beach… When we were in Portugal we didn’t have enough time and we missed this kind of attraction in Benagil. We made a promise to ourself back then, if we had a chance to see something special to not miss it ever again.

The only access to get inside Emerald Cave is off water side and only under one condition: low tide. When it’s very low tide, it is possible to get inside with a kayak (when with organized tour, it is more than likely you will be swimming through that cave, which is cool too, because they do it with only one headtorch and inside is very dark, so people swim through darkness). We had low/high tide calculator, but just in case, we asked locals about a water level. Low tide was at 3pm, so we had a couple of hours on the beach. We’re laying on Had Farang beach and we had it for over 4hrs for ourself only, nobody was there! Just us and two local dogs keeping us company. When we were hungry we went to the restaurant that was opened only for us, we had a choice of 3 dishes only. One more thing worth to be mentioned is that we had electricity only sometimes. The charm of a low season time. ;D

Emerald Cave – here we go!

At 3pm we were ready for an adventure! We took the kayak and paddled about 30 minutes to the massive cliffside, which was hiding a little secret.


Here we are! The cave’s entrance.

The entrance looked tiny, but after passing it and paddling a few metres we saw huge chamber, 30ft high and 12ft wide. Noise inside was unbelievable, we were like inside a bass tube and source of noise were waves smashing on the cliffs. There were two right, not very sharp turns inside the cave. We were paddling slowly being rocked on the waves and trying to avoid contact with the walls. After the first corner was a long hall leading to another corner. It would have been pitch black if we hadn’t taken head torches with us. When we were at the second turn there was one more tunnel going to the left, but that was a dead end. Right turn was leading us to the light.


When we exited the cave, we saw something we had never seen before (maybe similar to that view was Princess Lagoon, but not the same). Our eyes saw a hidden beach surrounded by very high vertical walls of rocks on each side! It used to be a pirates’ hideout and now a great tourists attraction. We had the place for ourself for nearly an hour, then we met Eric from US. With tour would never be the same with 20 other tourists yapping and running everywhere, there was not enough room to accommodate that many people. It is more fun to discover places like that by ourself anyway.


At the place there were some unknown for us insects, we could hear them only and the noise was like rattling engine. There was a monitor lizard as well, he was tiny and completely not interested with us.

Emerald Cave was one of the best and the most adventurous attractions in Thailand! We really recommend to go there, but not with the travel agency, but by yourself on a kayak! Unforgettable experiences and unforgettable views. We will go back there again for sure!


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