Krabi – caves and paradise beaches

Krabi is the name of one of the provinces in Thailand located in the west part of the country by the Andaman Sea. Even though Krabi is the biggest city in this area, Aonang is the most popular place for tourists – so we picked Aonang as our spot as well.

krabi map
Aonang lies in South Thailand


Thailand in the off-season…

In high season is not the most attractive place -it becomes overcrowded because all tours are sent over there. We were quite lucky as the middle of the May is low season, but still with good weather so we could fully enjoy the place. The only rain we saw was overnight and only for one hour. It was hard to believe it was the end of the season, middle of the holiday time in Europe looks worse. This is how Krabi province looks like in May:

monsoon in Krabi
Monsoon clouds in Krabi
 krabi beaches
Railay West Beach in monsoon


Railay Beach area

Aonang was a perfect spot for exploring surrounding areas. It was well connected with beaches Railay West and Phra Nang – there was access by the boat only.

railay beach map
Railay Beaches Area map


Beaches were surrounded by very high cliffs formed by limestone rocks and a jungle. Perfect white sand, palms and huge rocks sticking out of emerald coloured water. A perfect place to relax!


Scary meeting in the cave…

On the south part of Railay West, we walked into a hidden path. Had to climb a little bit, then walk through the dense jungle and… we’ve found a cave! It wasn’t anywhere on the maps or nobody wrote about it on the internet. Seemed very big and we could feel draught so there must have been one more access on the other end somewhere. We were tempted to explore it a bit, but we didn’t expect to find caves and didn’t bring head torches with us. We did few meters only with torch-app on the phone (:D). A visibility was equal nothing.

When we were inside the cave we heard people talking somewhere on the back near the entrance to the cave. They were walking towards us and it was kind of scary as we didn’t see anybody on the way to the place. We didn’t see who it was as light from their torch was blinding us. They were talking in a language we couldn’t understand. Adrenaline mixed with imagination didn’t help at all… they stood next to us. Two people wearing clothes like people in hospitals! Including shoes and handbags. What? Doctors in the middle of nowhere in the cave with us in Thailand? They had head torch and offered us to walk with them and Chev wasn’t far from doing it but Anna didn’t even answer, just ran out from the cave! Have you ever seen movie „Turistas”? It’s about a group of tourists lured to a house in the jungle and then they had organs cut out. If you didn’t watch it, do it, so you’ll know what Anna was thinking about when she saw „doctors” in the cave. 😀

krabi caves
Just before meet up with doctors…


Cave full of… wooden penises

There is also Princess Cave on Phra Nang beach. It doesn’t look like a cave, more like a hole in the rock, but it was hiding a little secret. It was full of wooden poles carved into a substitute of a penis. They were colorful and in many sizes but what was going on and why they were there? Local people and fishermen believe that Princess lives in the cave. They come to her with wishes and when wishes are fulfilled they come back with gifts to say thank you. 🙂

Princess Cave krabi
Confused Anna in Princess Cave


Trekking to Secret lagoon

If you were looking on the attached map carefully you probably noticed the lagoon. Of course, we noticed it too and obviously couldn’t miss it. We knew that was more like a climbing than walking (Chev couldn’t be happier). We took head torches this time. Beginning of the way to the lagoon was about 20 minutes climbing on a steep path. If someone was struggling, there were ropes for support. Then after climbing was an easy walk on the flat ground through the jungle with huge trees. But after easy comes hard. The path was going down on almost vertical rocky walls. For some people, that was the end of the journey to the lagoon. A lot of people struggle to go down.

We never give up, so after swinging on the ropes and sliding down on the rocks, we reached the lagoon. The place was like a huge well – lagoon was surrounded by 330ft high rocks! Water was coming from the sea and it was flowing into secret place by the system of caves linked with open water. The level of the water in the lagoon depends on the high and low tides. We were there on the low tide so it was muddy in some places and not the best for swimming, but we’ve never seen such a place before and it was worth an effort to get there!


There was another cave in the lagoon. Someone must have liked that place because on the 2nd „floor” he/she built a small bed with mosquito net.

Princess lagoon cave
Cave in Princess Lagoon
Cave in Princess Lagoon
Cave in Princess Lagoon – somebody’s bed 🙂


Kayaking in Krabi

On the water near Phra Nang beach, we had perfect kayaking condition. We were kayaking around rocks and cliffs and we saw more caves accessible only from the water. (caves were everywhere, guess water has easy job to carve tunnels through limestone) We were kayaking along the coast to find tiny and deserted beaches.


Travel tips:

  • we stayed in Aonang in Jinda Guesthouse, double room with fan: 400 baht (May 2015), 300 baht (August 2015);
  • you can find tasty and quite cheap breakfast in the hotel next door, Seaworld Guesthouse;
  • double bungalow for 5 people with terrace ( non AC) on Ton Sai Beach cost 800 baht (August 2015);
  • longboat from Aonang to Railay Beach/Ton Sai Beach: 100 baht pp, it takes 10-15 mins to get there;
  • kayaks rental on Phra Nang Beach: 150 baht/1 hr.