Our packing list for a round the world trip

Thought about packing a backpack for a long trip sends shivers up some people spine, but with us was completely other way round. We were very happy that we could sell all our clothes we wouldn’t wear, furnitures or other stuff. Finally we were left with essential things only and we felt ease in our life. We can go anywhere our eyes will lead us, and do what ever we feel we want to do.


We are going to carry backpacks for almost everyday, so first and very basic thing for us was finding the most comfortable and durable backpacks. After trying almost all backpacks you can possibly find in the outdoor shops we decided to have: Osprey Ariel 65l (Anna) and Osprey Aether 70l (Chev). Those two are very comfortable even with heavy load and are dedicated for your size or sex. There is a lot of pockets and comressing straps. There is an access from the top, front and bottom of the backpack. Moreover top of the backpack can be turned into daily rucksack. Weight of backpacks is 2kg each only and that makes them one of the lightest on the market.

Backpacks chosen but what is inside? Here is the list:



– long, waterproof trekking trousers
– long lightweight convertible zip-off trousers
– shorts
– leggins
– 5 tops
– t-shirt
– 2 lightweight shirts
– fleece polartec 200 classic
– goretex pro jacket
– underwear
– bikini
– one buff


– long trekking trousers
– 2 pair of trekking shorts
– 4 t-shirts
– fleece polartec micro
– goretex pro jacket
– 3 pairs of socks
– 4 pairs of underwear
– one buff



– flip flops Teva
– sandals Teva Hurricane
– Salewa GTX trekking shoes

– sandals North Face (update: we do not recommend!!)
– trekking shoes Salewa GTX
– converse trainers


– small laptop 11.6”
– external HDD
– wacom
– monopod and tripod
– 2 smartphonees
– battery chargers
– spare batteries for phones and cameras
– small immersion heater
– 2 led-lensers
– electric socket converter



Only essential stuff, shampoo, tooth paste, sun cream, anti-bac gel, soap etc.



What’s inside you will find in our last post Before journey: preparing to round the world trip



– lighter
– super glue
– duct tape
– safety pins
– sewing kit
– pocket knife
– life-straw
– 20m climbing rope
– pair of carabiners
– bivy bag



– contact lenses
– glasses and sunglasses
– 3 small padlocks
– copy of driving licences, passports, IDs and visas
– some visa’s photos (+ jpgs)
– travel journal
– ultralight silk double sleeping bag
– hammock
– mosquito net
– 2 cups and plastic cutlery (all-in-one)
– fast drying towels
– vaccination passports
– laminated emergency numbers, family contact numbers, and blood type
– hi-vis stripes at the front of backpacks
– ultralight day rucksacks (90g!)

Everything is packed in dry bags to keep it safe and for convenience.


Finally Anna’s backpack is only 11kg and Chev’s around 14kg. We are going to travel for over a year in hot, cold, wet and dry climate and we believe that we are prepared for every situation. If we have too much stuff, we can get rid of it on the way, if not enough we can buy some out there. There is some room in backpacks left for food and water and other extras.


Backpacks for round the world trip
Ready to go! 🙂


Spread the word! ↓ 😉